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Let us introduce ourselves.

Here at Mirai Management we understand that finding the right care can be a daunting and confusing task at times.

So, who is Mirai Management?

Mirai, meaning 'future' in Japanese, encompasses our vision and approach in everything we do. Our forward-thinking and innovative culture is what sets us apart within the Health and Social Care sector.

We founded Mirai Management with the belief that service users deserve better and we possess the knowledge, skills and innovative thinking to make a difference.

Our Mission

Combining technology seamlessly with care to secure the future of Social Care whilst maintaining a person-centred approach.




We believe that if a service does not have a positive impact on the client, the staff and the local community it is not a service worth providing.


Establishing a brand which offers integrity, confidence, and loyalty to all of our stakeholders, providing a dependable service.


Acting ethically and responsibly, moulding our services
to open a gateway to a brighter, sustainable future for


To create an environment encouraging visionsary and innovative thinking to allow continuous improvement, and drive the service forward. 

In combining technology with care, we have designed services that keep costs to a minimum whilst maintaining flexible, quality and person-centred care.

With over 24 years working closely with clients we recognised the extensive challenges and obstacles they faced on a day-to-day basis. With this in mind, we set out with the aim of transforming the way in which the care sector operates to enable a more cost effective and sustainable future for everyone. Incorporating our combined experience and approach to management, finance, accounting and marketing, we have created a more efficient way of working.

Our primary focus is to supply services to individuals employing Personal Assistants or Carers, alleviating the strain and conflicting nature of being an individual employer.

From managing your care to managing your money, we are here to provide a service that exceeds your expectations, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your care.

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Chris Markham


Director of HR

Chris’s extensive knowledge in employment law and HR builds the foundation of the company’s culture. Utilising new methods and technologies to capture the attention of a new generation of workers, introducing new talent to create sustainable care packages for now and the future.

Helen Joyce


Managing Director

Working in the sector for over 15 years, Helen specialises in Service Management working previously across private, voluntary and statutory organisations. Helen also has a vast understanding of Health and Safety, Safeguarding and Strategic care planning.

Rachel Blagg


Finance Director

Heading up Mirai’s Finance function, Rachel previously designed, implemented and oversaw money management systems for a recognised provider within Sheffield.  She continues to build on her accounting knowledge to push forward internal practices.

Not just a service, it's peace of mind.

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