Managed account and payroll services.

For individuals in receipt of a direct payment.

Your money managed 


What is a managed account?

If you receive social care or NHS funding you will usually be eligible to receive this via a direct payment. Having a direct payment means you are able to purchase your own services (assuming they meet your assessed need) rather than being restricted to council arranged services only. 

Some people would like to direct their own support in this way however do not want the responsibility of managing the direct payment themselves. This is where a managed account comes in.
A third party is able to manage your direct payment for you so that you are able to enjoy your support without these additional responsibilities. This service is called a Managed Account.

What is a payroll service?

If you use your direct payment to employ your own Personal Assistant or Carer you may wish to have your payroll managed for you. Mirai’s payroll services offer payroll management to ensure you can meet your legal obligations as an employer.

Managed Account

Payroll Service

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  • We hold your direct payment

  • We check the correct amount is received

  • We pay your care invoices including PA wages

  • We monitor your care budget so that you don't overspend

  • We provide financial monitoring to the funding authority

  • We keep your money safe and secure


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  • We process monthly timesheets 

  • We apply tax coding notices from HMRC

  • We process starters and leavers

  • We issue electronic payslips to you and your PA's

  • We calculate staff deductions including NI, pension contributions and student loan deductions etc

  • We make RTI and year end submissions to the HMRC

  • We calculate statutory payments including SSP, SMP etc

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