within the comfort of your own home at affordable prices.

You do have choices.

Funding and arranging your own care and support can be one of the most stressful things a person can go through. Our services are designed to completely remove the headache, stress and hassle of getting the exact care you need in place.

We find, most people looking for care, either for themselves or a loved one, don't know what their choices are. The majority of people looking for care assume that the only option when it comes to elderly care is care homes. This is not the case.

Our services are here to allow you to have all the support you need within the comfort of your own home.

'There must be more to old age than a care home.'

'My daughter needed consistent support from the same person each day, employing a PA solved this.'

'I wanted to find a PA for my dad, however I didn't know where to even start, I felt I was only left with the care home option.'

Let's find your perfect Carer.

With Mirai Match we find you a Carer to suit your needs and personality.

Now you have a Carer

Let's think about who is going to be the employer.

'I want to take on the role of the employer.'

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'I don't want to be the employer.'

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