We understand that a care or residential home isnt everybodies prefered option.

We understand why individuals would much prefer to have support within their own home with their own Personal Carer. However, we also understand that individuals may not necessarily want to, nor have the time to take on the roles and responsibilities of being an employer. With this is mind, we created Manage My Care, the care package that covers all elements and takes all the stress, hassle and responsibility away, allowing you to enjoy your care.

Maintain your independence within your own home, we'll take care of the rest.

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We employ your Personal Carer on your behalf.

Being an individual employer can be a large task to take on. We remove this stress by becoming the employer of your Personal Carer for you.

We train your Personal Carer.

We train your Personal Carer to give them all of the knowledge, skills and confidence to fulfil their role and meet all of your exact care needs. 

We pay your Personal Carers wages.

We ensure your Personal Carers wages are paid correctly, on time and make deductions for tax, NI and pension contributions meeting HMRC requirements.

We provide tailored home visits.

Our tailored home visits allow our team to make sure you are happy with all aspects of your care and look at anything that you would like changing.

Care with companionship and consistency.

We cover all health & safety regulations.

We make sure that all of our clients and Personal Carers meet the fundamental standards of quality and safety. 

We cover all Personal Carer administration.

From safely recruiting your Personal Carers, to complying with all employment law standards, we carry out all the checks to comply with up to date legislation.

We conduct care package reviews.

We'd like to sit down with our you annually to review your service and ensure that it is meeting all of your requirements.

We identify care strategies to suit you.

We deliver innovative and practical solutions to improve our service delivery to meet your needs. We work with you and your Carers to ensure any issues are identified and resolved. 

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Comparing the cost.

Home care and domicilary care can vary quite significantly depending on the area however on average you are usually looking at about £17.00 per hour for support. You will normally find this support to be provided by a home care agency who have a number of staff on their system and you may end up with a number of different Carers working with you each week.

Let's say you receive support for 3 hours each day of the week, totally 21 hours a week. This would cost you £357 per week through agency support. Over the year this would cost you £18564.

Support with Mirai works differently. We charge a monthly fee which covers our support, management of Carers and home visits, as well as charging the Carers wages at cost only. This means that support with Mirai provided by one Carer could cost as little as £224.12 per week, making an annual saving of £6909.76!